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Audio Reinforcement
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Audio Reinforcement

The quest for high quality affordable audio is at the forefront of almost every client’s needs at the concert, corporate and festival levels. PM Productions has over twenty years of experience in designing, building, deploying, and tuning pro-audio systems with our own and the customers cost in mind. We offer a wide range of professional sound equipment for all type of events no matter the size, location, or budget.

Speaker Systems


JBL Ver Tech 4888 Line Array Systems,
Subwoofer Systems and Stage Monitor Systems

Crown HD 12000 amplifiers with BSS V5 Processing

We can deploy the correct enclosures for an event and cover from 1000 to 10,000 guest for any audio reproduction. This is a very green solution as it draws very little energy to reproduce audio with astounding clarity, intelligibility, coverage, and spl levels. This system can be ground stacked or suspended from rigging points.


Extremly powerful yet light weight sub enclosures matched to QSC amplification and digital processing. From the warm bass tone of one to chest pounding bass from twelve or more enclosures, PM Productions will allow your audience to feel the response of the music and meet the artist demanding needs for sub bass frequencies.


Extremely powerful yet light weight stage monitor enclosures matched to QSC amplification and digital processing. PM Productions also deploys these units on stands as a small yet impactful audio system. The musicians and speakers praise this product on every event because of its very low profile, pin point accuracy and warm vocal response. The technicians praise them because of the light weight, ease of use, and the need for very little equalization for a warm crisp and balanced sound on stage. Up to 16 or more enclosures available in 4 to 12 mix bi-amped systems with all matching QSC amplification and processing. We also use JBL 2x18 sub enclosures for low end extension of drum monitors and side fills.

PM Productions PM Series A-symmetrical speaker systems and stage monitors-

These enclosures were custom built in the USA to our strict specifications and uses Italian made B&C components. When compared to large manufacturing name brands, exceed industry standards in performance and aesthetics. These products are matched with digital processing and QSC amplification. For main audio systems, we can deploy as little as two enclosures to as many as twelve to cover from 100 to 5000 guest.


Trapezoidal Enclosure featuring 1 B&C 800 watt 15” LF Driver and 1 B&C 2” HF Driver Mounted to a B&C 40x60 HF Horn


Enclosure featuring 1 B&C 800 watt 15” LF Driver and 1 B&C 2” HF Driver Mounted to a B&C 40x60 HF Horn. Comes with ATM fly ware for suspending from genies, truss or rigging points.


Point Source Stage Monitor featuring a 15”x1.4” B&C 800watt coaxial driver resulting in uniform angular coverage and high acoustical load with low distortion.


Trapezoidal Enclosure featuring 2 B&C 1400 watt 18” LF Drivers

PM Productions is experienced in and also deploys the following systems at request

L-Acoustics, Meyer, QSC, Electro-Voice, RCF, Martin Audio and Nexo

Audio Snakes

Ramtech- 56 input 3 way modular splitter and stage distribution system

CBI-40 input Splitter and stage distribution system

Audio Link-24 and 16 input stage systems


Shure, Audix, Electro-voice, Sennheiser, AKG

Wireless Microphone and In-Ear Monitor systems from Shure and Sennheiser

Microphone stands from K&M and Atlas

Front of House and Monitor Mixing Consoles

CD Players and recorders from Denon

16 input to 56 input Analog Consoles from Allen & Heath, Yamaha, and Midas

16 input to 48 input Digital consoles from Presonus, Midas, Yamaha,and Avid(Digidesign)


QSC PL,CX, and PLX Series

Crown HD and MA Series

Speaker Management Processing

Dolby Lake



Effect and channel Processing


TC Electronics





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